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03 Dec 17

While most of the girls we meet in Europe on model searches are more than happy to fuck on camera because they’re super-oversexed anyway, Anna only wants to fly solo, with instrumentation. Because she has terrific jugs and has a very sexy body as well as a fun personality on video, we were glad to have her. For us, it’s ultimately all about the breasts, and with tits like hers, we’ve got plenty of memory chips in the camera bag. There’s still always hope that she’ll fuck one day for the V-Mag cameras. An Italian, Anna was living in Romania at when we met her, but she’s since moved to another country. Anna’s English is pretty good. She even chatted with our man on SCOREtv episode #5. Her accent is honey-sweet and matches her fleshy, curvy appearance. Here she stretches a thin sweater to the breaking point with that mouthwatering bustline she’s so rightfully proud of. Of course, as soon as she whips out that creamy dessert, you know at some point she’s going to smear the white, sweet stuff on her tits and make a mess. We were happy to clean up later. Call us .