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03 Dec 17

In this sleazy warehouse, Trish Bailey prepares for a private wet tee-shirt show. The icy cold water makes her nipples stiff and at attention. Big Cock Tony can’t wait to spear Trish with his shiny cock when the opening festivities give way to sex. It’s time for nipple sucking. Simply because her big bazoomas deserve to be sucking and squeezed as much as possible, every day and night. Then it’s time for Trish to use her mouth, tongue, lips and big tits on him. Holes are ripped in her tee for better tit-fucking traction. Those boobs were made for tit-fucking. Tony is greedy and wants it all from this chick. He needs her pussy, open and wet for his pumper. No one will see them fucking in this building. Tony’s made sure of that. He’ll fuck her all night if he feels like it. And Trish wants as much trouser-meat as she can get. She’s gone with him to this desolate place because she knows he can deliver the beef. She’s a dirty girl and she knows it. the best ladies in long island.